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Rainforest Core Conservation Area

The Last Place Left in the World Outside of Parks Where You Can See Healthy Core Populations of All 7 of These Charismatic Focal Species Of Conservation Biology Science Living Within an Ancient Inland Rainforest: Mountain Caribou, Chinook Salmon, Grizzly Bear, Wolverine, Lynx, Cougar, and Wolf (Craighead and Cross 2004, 5MB PDF Download). Walk Through the Ancient Forest to See Them (Ancient Forest CAD Sign, 1 MB JPG), or Watch the 2010 Global TV Newscast (26 MB, 3 Minute, MPG Movie)!



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Communities, scientists, First Nations, many individuals, and STCL's conservation programs led to the long-awaited legislation in fall 2016 that the Ancient Cedar Forest Trail, plus some 12,000 ha of Ancient Rainforest and Caribou habitat surrounding the Trail are now a New Provincial Park (30,000 acres, 47 sq. mi.)! The Ancient Cedar Trail was the first logging permit ever stopped by public pressure within Robson Valley. It was legally protected as an Old-Growth Management Area (OGMA) since 2008, and now the Trail is part of the new Park with stronger protection than it had the last 8 years. Much of the new Park was already protected as Caribou High Habitat, other OGMAs, and the new Park is attached to Slim Creek Provincial Park. Now, many of the protected OGMAs and Caribou Habitat will become park land, with stronger protection. Many of the controversial Legacy OGMAs, 5000 ha of the most Ancient Cedar stands in Robson Valley, are now protected in the new Park. The new Park includes the largest clump of Ancient Cedar known to exist in Robson Valley called "Primordial Grove" and the new Park is surrounded by hundreds of OGMAs and Caribou High Habitat protected areas which STCL helped protect over the last 18 years. STCL's Rainforest Conservation Corridor (RCC) first proposed 20 years ago is now more than 70% protected from logging and other industrial uses under several different federal and provincial laws (Provincial Parks, Old Growth Management Areas, Mountain Caribou Winter Range, Ungulate Winter Range, etc.), and the new Ancient Cedar Park has added more protected area to our RCC! Our 10,000 sq. km RCC map is on pages 26-27 in our 2009 Ecoguide (1 MB PDF)

Walker Rainforest Wilderness Proposed Park Map 2015 (4 MB PDF)

Walker Rainforest Wilderness Park Strategy Report (9 MB PDF)

Students Fundraise for Ancient Cedar--Grade 4-6 students from Mackenzie Glen Public School, Maple, Ontario organized successful fundraising events called Dollar$ 4 Tree$ for Ancient Cedar Inland Rainforest conservation. Their efforts are shining examples of putting concern into action to make a difference. Sixth grade student Caitlin Feldman organized fellow students and visitors for a PowerPoint presentation at their school's Funfair, a Basketball Buyout event, a Craft and Bake sale, and an awareness-raising Walk of Life through their neighborhood. STCL extends our heartfelt "thank you" to Caitlin and her comrades at Mackenzie Glen for their impressive and well-implemented activities. The multi-group poster Biodiversity of BC's Inland Rainforest is carried by the students on the photos, June 2011. (450 KB JPG)

STCL's Response to the Independent Power Producer's Morkill River Proposal that Threatens The Walker Rainforest Wilderness, Endangered Mountain Caribou Reserves, Chinook Salmon and Blue-Listed Bull Trout Spawning and Rearing Areas, Several Other At-Risk Species, Spatial Old Growth Management Areas Containing the World's Only Inland Temperate Rainforest, and Plans Destruction of Morkill Falls. (100 KB PDF)

STCL published a new 50-page booklet "Ecoguide and Conservation Biology Plan for Robson Valley, 2nd Edition” (2009, Educational Report No. 6). ER6 features 20-year population sizes and habitats used by 342 birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and fishes, and a new Conservation Area Design (CAD). Scientists, Communities, The Lheidli T’enneh First Nation, and Regional government endorse the Conservation Plan. (1MB PDF download)

"Why Are We Turning 1000 Year-Old Cedars Into Garden Mulch?" Alternative Use of the Inland Rainforest Power Point Presentation, By Dr. David Connell, The University of Northern British Columbia, School of Environmental Planning, October 2008 (8 MB PPT download)

"Rainforest Conservation Biology Corridor for Robson Valley" extended abstract of paper presented at "BC’s Inland Rainforest Conservation and Community Conference" held at The University of Northern British Columbia, May 2008 Conference Proceedings

A Rainforest Conservation Corridor For Robson Valley: Part 2, Educational Report No. 5, Spring 2007, Uncompressed Version (EdRep5.pdf, 6 MB PDF download), or for a Compressed Version (EdRep5.htm, 300 KB)

The Walker Rainforest Wilderness Proposal Maps, Photos, Movie, and Wolves Howling 2007 (Walker Rainforest Wilderness.htm, 2 MB)

Implementing the Inland Temperate Rainforest (ITR) Conservation Area Design (CAD) for STCL's Rainforest Conservation Corridor (RCC) and Walker Rainforest Wilderness (WRW), Power Point Presentation by Baden Cross 2006 (15 MB PPT download)

Rainforest Conservation Corridor Protected History Map 2002-2006 (1.2 MB PDF download)

Grizzly Bears and Chinook Salmon in the Inland Rainforest, Dr. John Weaver and Dr. Rick Zammuto, 2004 (Salmon-Grizzly, 1.6 MB PDF download)

STCL Rainforest Corridor and Conservation Area Design Overlay.jpg (375 KB JPG)

A Conservation Area Design (CAD) for the Inland Temperate Rainforest of Canada, Dr. Lance Craighead and Baden Cross, 2004 (5 MB PDF download)

Erg Park, MtCaribou Habitat Protected 00-03 (60 K)

Film of the first endangered Whooping Cranes documented in STCL's Rainforest Conservation Corridor during recent times, shown feeding and flying at West Twin Provincial Park Fall 2003 (courtesy Glen and Elsie Stanley, McBride BC) (6.7 MB MPEG Movie download). First confirmed sighting of Whooping Cranes in British Columbia, by Brian Johns, Victor Bopp, Elsie Stanley, and Jack Bowling (First BC Whooping Cranes.pdf, 200 KB)

Rainforest Conservation Corridor for Robson Valley, Educational Report No. 4 (Spring 2002) (EdRep4.htm, 300 KB)

Hybrid Blue Jay Cross Steller's Jay Photo.jpg (100 KB JPG)

Ancient Sentinels: The Rainforest Conservation Corridor for the Robson Valley. Watershed Sentinel 12(5):21-23. 2002. (825 KB PDF download)

Some Information on Grizzly Bear Ecology in Robson Valley and Surrounding Regions 1987-2000 (RvGriz.pdf, 25 KB)

Age and Species Composition of Forests, Grizzly and Other Species Densities, Wilderness Watersheds, and Threats to Y2Y in British Columbia, Save-The-Cedar League Educational Report No. 3 (1998) (EdRep3.PDF, 1 MB download)

Save-The-Cedar League's "Ecoguide" (First Edition 1997, Educational Report No. 2), with Robson Valley's first significant Conservation Biology Plan, Wildlife Population Densities, Habitats, Special Ecological Sites to Visit, and Hiking Trail Map are obtained through the following links, supported by The TD Friends of the Environment Foundation and The Mountain Equipment Co-op. We are pleased to announce that 60% of the Core Conservation Areas and 25 of the 30 Special Ecological Sites and Hiking Trails that the 1997 Ecoguide proposed for conservation were protected from logging and road-building by 2006, whereas none of the Core Conservation Areas and only 2 of the 30 Special Ecological Sites and Hiking Trails were protected before 1997!

·        Special Ecological Sites To Visit.htm

·        Special Ecological Sites Trail Map and Conservation Plan (275 KB JPG download)

·        Checklist, Abundance, Habitats for Loons, Grebes, Swans, Geese, Ducks Page 1.htm (95 KB)

·        Checklist, Abundance, Habitats for Hawks, Grouse, Sandpipers, Gulls Page 2.htm (98 KB)

·        Checklist, Abundance, Habitats for Owls, Swifts, Hummingbirds, Woodpeckers, Flycatchers, Swallows Page 3.htm (90 KB)

·        Checklist, Abundance, Habitats for Jays, Chickadees, Nuthatches, Thrushes, Vireos, Warblers Page 4.htm (91KB)

·        Checklist, Abundance and Habitats for Warblers, Grosbeaks, Sparrows, Blackbirds, Finches Page 5.htm (108 KB)

·        Mammal Checklist, Population Density, Habitats Page 1.jpg (69 KB)

·        Mammal Checklist, Population Density, Habitats Page 2.jpg (57 KB)

·        Reptiles, Amphibians, Fishes, Lichens, Trees, Shrubs.jpg (76 KB)

Bridge The Island Parks With Ancient Rainforest Biodiversity. Educational Report No. 1, 1996 (375 KB)

Your help is urgently needed to protect the world's only Inland Temperate Rainforest from being destroyed. You can protect the world class biodiversity of the Ancient Cedar Rainforest that eats 16-50 times the carbon dioxide per acre than Tropical Rainforests to turn back global warming and climate change. Your donation makes the difference!

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