Science-based STCL began 1987, officially incorporated 1992, and is a non-profit, Registered Canadian Charity (1996) based in the Upper Fraser River of the Robson Valley, between the Rocky and Cariboo Mountains of British Columbia, near the towns of Prince George, BC and Jasper, Alberta. Our goal is to protect ecosystems of Ancient Cedar Rainforest because they absorb 16-50 times the carbon dioxide of tropical rainforests per hectare. This makes the sustainability of Ancient Cedar Rainforests of paramount importance to turn back global warming and climate change, yet scientists say they face extinction from logging in less than 10 years.


STCL has 120 members and volunteers, carries out a public education program, and distributes educational materials.




Our official registered mission statements are "to educate the public regarding how cedar forest ecosystems may be crucial for human, wildlife, and fish survival, and how they may be important for water quality and for counteracting the effects of global warming and ozone-thinning. The Society will do this by advancing science and education, by providing academic lectureships, workshops, field courses, research programs, public ecotours, printed materials, and guides."

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