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Sustainable Ecology and Evolution of Montane Ecosystems

SEE ME CONSULTATIONS is an ecological consulting firm which does interdisciplinary scientific studies, reports, and professional representations for government, communities, conservation groups, First Nations, Universities, individuals, etc. We do Wildlife, Fisheries, Life-Cycle & Conservation Biologies; Wildland, Wilderness & Environmental Planning/Management; Old Growth, Biodiversity, Bioclimatology, Biogeography; Ecoforestry, Enhancement, Restoration, Forest Ecosystem Networks, Ecosystem Management, Adaptive Management, IRM, Legal Testimony, etc.

Primordial Grove--The Largest Clump of Ancient Cedar Found in Robson Valley

--photo by Julie Zammuto

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TEL 807 622 2025
46 West Podre's Rd
Neebing, Ontario
Canada P7L 0E7

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University of Western Ontario, Biology, with Dr. Jack (John S.) Millar

University of Oxford, Zoology, with Dr. Paul Harvey

Cornell University, Neurobiology and Behavior, with Dr. Paul Sherman

Seasonal Abundance, Habitats Used, Population Status, and Conservation Biology Plan for 342 Vertebrates of the Inland Temperate Rainforest of Robson Valley--Upper Fraser River Region, 2009. In, Robson Valley Ecoguide, pages 10-29, $3.25 ppd.

Free Reports to download:

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British Columbia, 13 November 2007, Earth's Tree News, 253rd Edition OLYecology Weblog.
False Campaign Chronology Exposed

SEE ME Plans Being Used for Land Conservation 1993-2005.
* (1.2 MB PDF download)

27 American White Pelicans at Moose Lake, Mount Robson Park 2004. Database (31 KB PDF)

Some Information on Grizzly Bear Ecology in Robson Valley and Surrounding Regions 1987-2000.
RvGriz.pdf (25 KB PDF)

Western Forest Products and Forest Stewardship Council Assessment Report, 1998.
* WFPFSC.pdf (1 MB PDF download)

Habitat Enhancement to Restore Biodiversity: Results After 10 Years, 1998. Restoration.pdf (18 KB PDF)

Does Roundup Damage Non-Target Species? Watershed Sentinel 7(6):14-16. 1997

General Discussion of Hemlock Looper Attack: Upper Fraser River, 1995.
Hemlock Looper Cause.pdf (32 KB PDF)

A Brief Presentation to the BC Utilities Commission for the Public Hearing on the Kemano Completion Project. Exhibit 728, 10p. 1994.
* Kemano Public Hearing.pdf (1.5 MB PDF download)

Time-Specific and Cohort Life Tables For Belding's Ground Squirrels, 1993. Ecology 74(7):2168-2169.
* Full paper (300 KB PDF download)

Life Histories of Mammals, Revived: A Reply, 1990. Ecology 71(2):825-827.
* Full paper (550 KB PDF download)

SEE ME CONSULTATIONS 1990's. Inventory, Management, and Wildlife Habitat Enhancement Plans for Robson Valley. 15 Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks Land-Use Plans, 488p.

Life Histories of Mammals: Analyses Among and Within SPERMOPHILUS COLUMBIANUS Life Tables, 1987. Ecology 68(5):1351-1363.
* Full paper (2.3 MB PDF download)

Life Histories of Birds: Clutch Size, Longevity, and Body Mass Among North American Game Birds, 1986. Can. J. Zool. 64:2739-2749.
* Full paper (2.4 MB PDF download)

A Comparison of Time-Specific and Cohort-Specific Life Tables for Belding's Ground Squirrels, SPERMOPHILUS BELDINGI, 1986. Can. J. Zool. 64:602-605.
* Full paper (750 KB PDF download)

A Comparison of Methods for Studying Life History in Columbian Ground Squirrels, 1986. J. Mammalogy 67:154-158.
* Full paper (800 KB PDF download)

Patterns of Mortality and Age at First Reproduction in Natural Populations of Mammals, 1985.
* Nature315.pdf (550 KB PDF download)

Environmental Predictability, Variability, and SPERMOPHILUS COLUMBIANUS Life History Over an Elevational Gradient, 1985. Ecology 66(6):1784-1794.
* Full paper (2.2 MB PDF download)

A Consideration of Bet-Hedging in SPERMOPHILUS COLUMBIANUS, 1985. J. Mammalogy 66:652-660.
* Full paper (1.3 MB PDF download)

Life Histories of Mammals: An Analysis of Life Tables, 1983. Ecology 64(4):631-635.
* Full paper (900 KB PDF download)

Relationships of Environmental Factors to the Onset of Autumn Morning Vocalizations in an Ozark Community, 1982. Wilson Bull. 94:74-79.
* Full paper (275 KB PDF download)

Environmental Effects on Roosting Behavior of Chimney Swifts, 1981. Wilson Bulletin 93:77-84.
* Full paper (425 KB PDF download)

Factors Associated with the Interval Between Feeding Visits in Brood-Rearing Chimney Swifts, 1981. Journal of Field Ornithology 52:134-139.
* Full paper (350 KB PDF download)

Trapping Flocks of Chimney Swifts in Illinois, 1979. Bird Banding 50:201-209.
* Full paper (550 KB PDF download)

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