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A Registered Charity, Incorporated in 1992, Concerned With: Conservation, Education, & Ecotourism of the Wildlife, Fish, Waters, Wilderness, Biodiversity, & Ecosystems of Old-Growth Cedar Rainforests

“Over 15 acres from our proposals have been protected by law for every dollar we ever received”

Please Print This Application, Complete, and Mail to STCL With Your Donation

2018 Donation Form





Enclosed is $15 for tax-deductible membership in Save-The-Cedar League, and a further donation of $____________. (An official tax receipt is mailed for all funds received, Charity No. BN:890892490RR0001).

Check All Entries Below To Which You Wish To Donate:

Annual Membership Donation ($15)________________________

Supporter Donation ($50)_________________________________

Sponsor Donation ($100)_________________________________

Patron Donation ($250)___________________________________

New Ecoguide, Conservation Plan, Wildlife Checklists, Trails and Special Sites, $3.25 postpaid (Members Free)________

Grizzly Bear Gathering Documentary ($11 VCR/DVD)________

Mighty River: A Portrait of the Fraser ($19 Book)____________

Thank You for Your Donation! Our Conservation Success Would Not Be Possible Without Your Help!